Kirsty Terry

Chrononutrition – Timing Matters: Exploring the Relationship Between When We Eat and Obesity

This article is a summary of the research study: Chrono-nutrition: a review of current evidence from observational studies on global trends in time-of-day of energy intake and its association with obesity Our body’s internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, plays an important role in regulating our eating habits and metabolism. However, we have limited…

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The Link Between Insufficient Sleep and Weight Gain: Understanding the Role of Energy Balance

This is a summary of the research article:Impact of insufficient sleep on total daily energy expenditure, food intake, and weight gain This study aimed to understand how not getting enough sleep affects our energy levels and body weight. Sixteen adults participated in a 14- to 15-day study where they had either sufficient or insufficient sleep…

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Exploring Early Time-Restricted Feeding: A Promising Approach for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

This is a summary of the published study:Time-restricted feeding study shows promise in helping people shed body fat Researchers from the University of Alabama conducted a study to explore whether changing eating schedules can help people lose weight and burn fat. They investigated a strategy called early time-restricted feeding (eTRF) and found that it reduced…

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Understanding Blood Glucose Balance: The Crucial Role of Substrate Cycling Revealed by a Whole-Body Model for Glycogen Regulation

This is a summary of the study: A whole-body model for glycogen regulation reveals a critical role for substrate cycling in maintaining blood glucose homeostasis When our body transitions between fasting and eating, it needs to make important changes to keep our energy levels balanced. One key change involves maintaining the right amount of glucose…

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Summary of Impact of Protein and Eating Frequency on Appetite and Satiety during Weight Loss Study

This article is a summary of the following article:The Effects of Consuming Frequent, Higher Protein Meals on Appetite and Satiety During Weight Loss in Overweight/Obese Men This study aimed to understand how dietary protein and eating frequency affect feelings of hunger and satisfaction during weight loss. A total of 27 overweight/obese men participated in the…

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Chrononutrition & Circadian Rhythm: How Nutrient-Dense Foods Help Balance Blood Sugar and Promote Weight Loss

Summary of the Article Understanding Chrononutrition & Circadian Rhythm Definition of Chrononutrition Chrononutrition is a growing field of nutritional science that studies the interplay between our eating patterns and our biological clocks. It operates on the principle that not only what we eat but also when we eat matters significantly for our overall health. Research…

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